Monday, June 04, 2007

Yehey! I PASSED my PhD comprehensive exams

I PASSED all my PhD comprehensive exams

I want to thank my Maroon Maniacs and peyups friends (batchoy, ashchi, astro_boy, prinsesa_ako, blue_spirit, vodkamartini, bingkatorts, and all) for their encouragement through this process.

salamat sa peyups community because it has kept me sane during the insane studying i went through. peyups was a large part of the process, since i spent most of my non-studying time on peyups :laugh:

thanks to great friends Jo, Ellen, Ai, Roselle, Fama, Patrick, Daki, Maydats, Shine and all my ates at the CAL Dean's office. Special thanks to Pearl, Art, Bing, Libeth and Marlon - your company kept me sane. :)


salamat kay Lord at sa lahat ng guardian angels ko especially Archangel Michael who did not abondon me.

salamat sa aking baby boys beryl, cocoy and dale who kept telling me huwag na akong mag-aral at maglakwatsa na lang kami dahil wala namang nagagawang mabuti ang pag-aaral, the 3 biggest BI in my life. :laugh:

special thanks kay Pangga who was with me all throughout the process, who bore the brunt of my frustrations and insecurities, whose healing hands cured my aching body, and loving touch and warm embrace kept me alive. I LOVE YOU.

and now, on to the dissertation. :)


herb said...

CONGRATS doc Eloi!!!! :)

eloindigoart said...

hindi pa naman ganap na doc, pero sana ay malapit na