Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Resto in the Metro: Galileo Enoteca

My friends know that I love good food, and I also love to eat out. So, I've decided to blog about my favorite restos in the metro. and the honor of my first post foes to GALILEO ENOTECA!

My bestfriend Jokla has been recommending this place so many times before. and finally, last May, we all trooped to Galileo Enoteca to find out what the buzz was all about. and WE LOVE IT!

great cozy ambiance, great service (look for jhammy or JB), great food, cheap good sweet red wine, wonderful cheese platter, great pasta.

Set Menu A is i think cheese and cold cuts.

Set Menu B is chicken with capers and eggplant parmigiana. (i forgot how much, i think 350 or 400 din)

Set Menu C consist of pasta of the day, soup, wine, cheese, cold cuts, coffee (and freebies you can ask for like hot choco). P 400.00++ per set, super worth it.

They don't have a staple pasta menu, it depends on what the pasta of the day is. We've tried the anchovies with capers (LOVE IT) and the carbonara (LOVE IT as well). The bacon and mushroom and italian corned beef pasta is ok too.

first time i came here i got a lot of freebies like: free glass of wine, free plate of cheese, free 2 hot chocos. don't forget t order the hot choco, it is one of the best i've tasted.

The sweet red wine is very cheap also, 300 per bottle only. and for cheap wine, their house wine is really good.

I love their cheese platter especially the Asiago. the cold cuts, im not really fond of, so no comment.

the place is designed like a wine cellar (enoteca in italian) and each space/table feels like an exclusive space.

If you are craving for great pasta, cheese and wine, go to Galileo Enoteca. I've been here about 6-7 times after, and the service and quality of food is consistent.It is for me one of the best Italian resto in the metro (the other being Bellini's). It will put the cheap bad pseudo-italian restos like a veneto and napoli to shame.

oh, don't forget to reserve. 534-4633/532-0482

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