Friday, February 08, 2008

Things to do in bangkok

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I just love Bangkok, it's my favorite place in Southeast Asia. It's noisy, polluted, filthy, crowded, flooded - yet, it is full of life, exciting, sexy, and spicy (in all aspects).

Here are some things you can do in Bangkok when are alone (like I was):

1. eat all the tomyum, curry, thai sweets you can find in the karinderyas. if you can't take the spice, say "no prik" (means no spice)

2. drink chilled buko from the carts, believe me, the best bj :)

3. go to patpong (the red light district) and roam the streets and look around (i can look but can't touch). if you are brave, go inside one of the bars and watch the famous pingpong pussy show

4. go to pratunam, buy all the cheap stuff and eat tomyum in one of the side streets

5. go to chatuchak for the weekend where half of bangkok is, buy the cheapest stuff and eat sesame fried chicken at din pao (stall 4 -1 )

6. visit the malls (paragon, isetann, zen, emporium), there are unbelievable sale in the middle part of the malls. i got 3 original lacoste shirts and a couple of socks for a bargain (40% off)

7. NEVER ride the tuktuk (they will rip you off)

8. learn how to count in thai and ask "how much?" (taw raey, or something like that)

9. do at least one touristic tour, like go to the Grand Palace (no shorts or short skirts there)

10. buy "I Love the King" shirt and feel the love

11. talk to locals (good luck, their English is still bad) and share notes on how bad their PM Thaksin is (have to edit this again, thaksin has been forced out of power via a coup)and compare him to how bad GMA is

12. get stuck in the famous Bangkok traffic, have a chat with your taxi driver, and say "thank God, traffic is not this bad in Manila)

13. go to Watson's or Tesco and buy Colgate Herbal and Lux Shower Creme Lavender

14. eat Rotiboy, the best coffee bun in the whole wide world. Kopi Roti is a cheap copycat.

15. and the best, watch out for the baby elephant that walks around in the streets of Bangkok, buy 20 baht of sugar cane, feed the elephant, you can pet him/her, take video or photos with the elephant. he/she is so damn cute, you'd want to take him/her home (if your luggage permits). DUMBO comes alive. and the baby elephant has the best soulful eyes i've seen in animals. the best experience.


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