Friday, March 23, 2007

short comments on BABEL

as a film, i appreciate it, maayos ang pagkagawa. magaling ang acting. madaming gustong sabihin including how our globalized world is actually making our worlds smaller and more difficult to move in with borders, air space, etc. how fate and human agency clash every single day/moment.

cate blanchett reminds me of kristin scott thomas in the english patient, so helpless, yet still dignified.

loved the disco scene and the pissing/kissing scene.

inarritu's amores perros had a more raw and visceral feel than babel.

gael garcia bernal. :) the performances of rinku kikuchi and adriana barraza are tour de force.

pero as a control freak, i felt helpless for the characters and their situations. i don't like films that put its characters in such hopeless situations.but it's just me.


herb said...

i just watched this film yesterday and it really grabbed me. ang guapo ni gael garcia bernal... hehehe

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